June 2021 Taking Flight

What’s Been Seen: As expected, May was a whirlwind in Hull. It certainly ended on a down note for all of us, with heavy rain dampening everything for the final three days of the month. But migration happened, and in a big way for Hull. Fifty-five species of birds were reported from Straits Pond throughout…


 Hull High held a Pride celebration on Wednesday, with many staff and students wearing their colors to celebrate PRIDE. The high school group PRISM (Pride, raising awareness, involvement, support, mentoring), helped to organize the celebration. Pictured here are photos of some of the staff and student participants, [Photo courtesy of PRISM advisor Meghan Preble]

lions mane jellyfish in the water next to a kayak

Lion Mane Jellyfish

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is warning the public of the presence of lion’s mane jellyfish at Nantasket Beach in the Town of Hull. Additionally, the agency has posted purple flags at the beach, which indicate the presence of dangerous marine animals. [File photo]